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Quaderno Connect is a powerful API and set of tools used to add tax management and invoicing features to business models like marketplaces and software platforms.

For example, if you are a marketplace, you can use Connect to add sales tax calculations to your checkout forms or record transactions (paid sales or refunds) on behalf of your merchants. But it’s not just marketplaces that work great with Quaderno - we’ve seen partner integrations built with all kinds of software from tools to manage sport clubs to WordPress blogs.

Every partner integration is different, so this document can’t tell you exactly what to do, but we’ll explain the flows you should handle, and give you some ideas of how to provide the best experience for your users.


Quaderno Connect is only available with the Business plan or higher.

Common questions

  • We are registered as marketplace facilitator in the US, can we use Quaderno Connect? Yes! Quaderno Connect is a perfect fit for marketplace facilitators. It adds great value to your business, providing tax management and invoicing capabilities to your customers.
  • We are a merchant of record (MoR), can we use Quaderno Connect? No. As a MoR, you do all the invoicing, not your customers. You can use Quaderno without Connect to issue your own invoices.
  • Can we use payment processors like PayPal or Stripe with Quaderno Connect? Sure thing! You just need to integrate with Connect using the Transactions API, as explained in the guide Calculating taxes and generating reports.
  • How much does Connect cost? There are no platform specific fees for Standard accounts. Custom accounts cost is based on monthly active accounts and API calls, with a minimum amount of 2€ per active account. Contact us to know more and discuss your needs.