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Sending e-invoices with TicketBAI

What is TicketBAI

TicketBAI is a standarized digital format for submitting all invoices issued in the Basque Country, Spain.

Quaderno is officially recognized as "guaranteeing software" for TicketBAI by the local tax authorities.

Connecting TicketBAI

To start using TicketBAI in Quaderno, follow these steps:

  1. Upload your electronic certificate on the Certificates page.
  2. Connect the TicketBAI integration from the Integrations page.
  3. Grant authorization to send data to the tax administration on behalf of your business.

Sending sales and refunds data

Send your sales and refunds data to Quaderno as usual, using our Transactions API.

These guides will guide you through the process:

When the TicketBAI integration is enabled, Quaderno will automatically send all invoices and credit notes to the corresponding tax administration.

TicketBAI’s verification_code and verification_url will be available from the API responses, and generated invoices will display their verification ID and a QR code, allowing your customers to confirm the status of the invoice with the respective tax administration.