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Manage your sales tax with Quaderno

Quaderno API offers an easy and efficient tax management solution for your online business. Here are the necessary steps to fulfill your tax obligations.

1. Calculate taxes in your checkout process

To display the price with tax in your checkout form, you can call the tax calculation API:

curl \

We provide specific guides to help you with tax calculation from your backend and frontend. It's crucial to configure your account properly, as some default parameters will be used depending on how you make the API call.

2. Collect the payment through your payment processor

You must save the charge ID assigned by the payment processor to send it to Quaderno when you register the transaction in the next step. Without this ID, you won't be able to generate credit notes when necessary.

3. Record the sale in Quaderno

Once the payment is successful, record the sale in Quaderno using the Transactions API. This way, we will be able to issue the invoice associated with the sale, update your tax reports, and alert you when your business has to collect taxes in another country.

4. Optionally, send the invoice to your customer

You can download a PDF version of the invoice or simply send the invoice permalink.

5. Download reports for periodic tax filing

Quaderno provides reports that simplify your tax filing process. Follow this guide to download them via API.

6. Get alerts to register your business in new tax jurisdictions

As you sell in more countries, your business is likely to generate new tax obligations. We will notify you when you need to collect taxes in another tax jurisdiction. To receive the alerts, register webhooks on any of these events:

  • threshold.warning
  • threshold.exceeded