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Quaderno Sandbox is a safe space to experiment with our set of APIs and products, testing new features or fine-tunning your Quaderno workflows and integrations, without the worries of breaking things while learning.

Quaderno Sandbox has feature parity with the real live environment plus all the new features, testable in advance but without the fuss of dealing with real user data! It's perfect for connecting your payment's processor testing accounts, knowing all will behave just as fine on the live production servers.

URL and credentials

Quaderno Sandbox is a complete separate environment, with it's own URL and credentials.

This means your credentials for the Production environment won't work on Quaderno Sandbox. You'll need to create a new Quaderno Sandbox account.

Test data

  • Tax IDs always return { "valid": true } except for:
    • DE111111111: acts as an invalid Tax ID, returning { "valid": false }
    • IE222222222: acts as if the Tax Validator service is down, returning { "valid": null }
  • The Taxes API only returns state tax rates. Local tax rates will not be returned, with the exception of zip codes 90049, 10128, 60611, and 33132.


Quaderno Sandbox has some limitations to provide an improved testing experience:

  • Emails are delivered to your account email rather than to the specified recipient.

  • Tax thresholds are not updated.

  • There's a global 200 documents cap.

    • The document limit and the remaining number of documents are provided in the HTTP headers X-Documents-Limitand X-Documents-Remaining respectively.
    • When the document limit is reached, a warning email will be sent to the account's admin, and notifications will be displayed within the app.
    • If you need to create more documents, please remove your previous documents first by navigating to You > Purge into the app, or by using the /purge endpoint:
    curl --user sk_your-secret-key:x \
    --request POST \