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Show billing history

To show the billing history of your customers on your website, you can use the Billing API. This will allow you to display their invoice and credit notes history.

To retrieve the invoices, make a GET call to /invoices :

curl --request GET
--url \
--header 'Authorization: Basic API_KEY' \

You will receive a response containing all the invoice data. Here is an example extract of the most useful fields to display a summary to your customers:

"id": 153267,
"number": "00001",
"issue_date": "2023-06-01",
"currency": "USD",
"total_cents": "990",
"state": "paid",
"permalink": ""

To retrieve credit notes, make a GET call to /credits.

In both cases, the response will be an array that is paginated, returning 25 documents per page by default. To know how to retrieve all documents, please refer to the pagination guide.