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Record refunds

In order to keep your tax reports updated, it's necessary to record all the refunds on sales, just like you do with sales.

All you need is the parameters processor and processor_id that you used when recording the sale in Quaderno, representing your platform’s name and internal transaction ID.

The following json shows a request payload example:

"type": "refund",
// Use the values from the recorded sale to be refunded
"processor": "yourPlatformName",
"processor_id": "yourPlatformTransactionId",
"items": [
"description": "Simple Software",
"amount": 9.90,
"customer": { "id": 229575 }

When you record a refund, a credit note is generated. You can check the API reference for response examples.

Just as we recommend you do when you record a sale, you can also use the pdf and permalink fields to send the credit note to your customer.