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Choose your account type

To use Quaderno Connect, you'll need a Quaderno account for your business, as well as a "connected account" for each user who needs to calculate taxes on your platform. Typically, these accounts are created when a user signs up for your platform.

The type of accounts you create impact what you need to build and can determine who is responsible for taxes, user support, etc.

There are two account types, each designed for different use cases:

  • Standard accounts for easy setup
  • Custom accounts for full control

Standard accounts

A Quaderno Connect Standard account is a conventional Quaderno account controlled directly by the account holder (i.e., your platform's user).


Users with a Standard account have a relationship with Quaderno. They're able to log in to their dashboard and manage their account independently, including disconnecting their account from your platform.

You can prompt your users to create Quaderno accounts or allow anyone with an existing Quaderno account to connect to your platform.

Standard accounts are best in the following scenarios:

  • You want to give your users an invoicing and sales tax management extra-feature.
  • Your users have complex requirements about tax calculations, they want full management of their configuration, and you don't want to build full configuration interfaces on your own.
  • You don't need to control every bit of your user's experience.
  • You prefer that Quaderno handles communication for account issues directly with the user.

🔎 Learn how to integrate standard accounts.

Custom accounts

A Quaderno Connect Custom account is almost completely invisible to the account holder. You —the platform— are responsible for all interactions with your user and configure all the account's settings, including all the information needed for tax calculations, programmatically.


Custom account holders do not have access to the Quaderno dashboard, and Quaderno will never contact them directly.

You should probably use Custom accounts when:

  • You want complete control over your user’s experience
  • You can build the significant infrastructure required to collect user information, create a user dashboard, and handle support
  • You want to handle all communication with your users, rather than having your users contact Quaderno directly

🔎 Learn how to integrate custom accounts.

Aspects to consider

Many factors contribute to choosing the best type of account to use.

The table below lists many factors to consider, but integration effort and user experience are particularly important. For example, if you don’t want to build onboarding flows, you can use Standard accounts. If you need more control over the connected user’s experience, you can use Custom accounts.

AspectStandard accountCustom account
Integration effortLowestHigher
Integration methodOAuthAPI-only
Tax settingsUserPlatform
Users can access the Quaderno Dashboard?YesNo
SupportPlatform & QuadernoPlatform
User can connect other platforms?Yes, they can log to their own account and connect any platformNo
PricingNo platform specific fees, Quaderno pricing appliesBased on monthly active accounts, transactions and API calls, with a minimum amount of 2€ per active account.